Penny pinching

I'm getting a new mattress delivered tomorrow (for free - perks that came with the boyfriend) and I decided I needed to buy some new bedding. I bought a new down comforter and a duvet cover from But being as indecisive as I am about bedding for some reason, I bought them in two separate installments, a couple of hours apart. The shipping is only $1 for each item, but I decided to try and get both delivered for $1. Why? I'm not sure...maybe I need help. Nonetheless, I thought it was pretty funny and so did the boyf. It really wasn't very hard at all. Here's the online chat convo I had with a customer service rep:

Nancy: Hi, my name is Nancy. How may I help you?  
Aki: hi nancy 
Aki: i just made two orders today 
Aki: within a span of couple hours 
Aki: maybe less 
Aki: just wondering if i could package them together and pay shipping for both 
Aki: instead of separately 
Nancy: I am sorry, we cannot make any changes to an existing order. 
Aki: really? 
Aki: u cant refund me $1? 
Nancy: I will see what best can be done about this. 
Nancy: For security purposes, could you please verify the full name and billing address, including the city, state and zip code? 
Aki: ____
Nancy: Thank you. 
Aki: you're welcome 
Nancy: As we value your business, we will issue the shipping fee of $1 to your payment method used once the order is processed. 
Aki: thank you!! 
Aki: I appreciate that! 
Nancy: You are most welcome. 
Nancy: Once refund is issued, you will receive an email confirmation to your email address on file. Nancy: Any other concerns?

This is where I got distracted making this blog post due to encouragement from the boyfriend. 

Nancy: I’ll remain available for another minute or two if you need further assistance. 
Aki: oh no that's it 
Aki: thank you!

I'm a penny pincher, what can I say?

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