It's Moving Day!

Or I should say, the first of MANY moving days.... *groan* but *excited groan* too because I'm SO pumped for the move! It's also the beginning of a VERY busy two weeks. We'll be picking up the keys in about half an hour and since we only have to move 1.5 blocks away, we'll start moving the little stuff. Plus a new couch gets delivered today (I got a great deal on it, too)! Tomorrow, we leave the city for the next two weeks. With lots of fun family visits and a wedding (and unfortunately even a funeral in the middle of it all) moving will have to wait until we get back. We have a month to move (our leases overlap by a month), thank goodness, because no one could've foreseen all of the busy-ness that these next two weeks will bring. 

I'll add pics of the new apartment as soon as I get in there!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!


Here are a couple pics from MOVING DAY #1!

The living room so far....The chrome and black sling chair: $30 bucks at the Room Store on sale

New couch! It's corduroy velvet and so soft and the perfect firmness/cushiness. $299 at the local warehouse furniture store. Those pillows that came with, will be getting makeovers, mark my words!

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