Thrifty Thursday - Serious Loot

Happy Thursday folks! This past week I had a pretty hefty haul of thrifty finds. Usually I spend around $10 per thrifty thursday but this time I might have gotten a bit carried away.....teehee.

Anyway, look what I found:

Remember this lamp I found a few weeks ago? I had DIY recovered the lamp shade it came with but then I realized that the size and proportion were all wrong. So, when I found this vintage lamp shade for 75 cents I didn't think twice and scooped it up!

I also found these gorgeous tulip cereal bowls. I love tulip bowls but could never find them in a set. I don't think they are vintage (there is a Pier 1 marking on the bottom) but they are pretty nonetheless!

Next, I had been searching for some inexpensive way to make/get curtains for the new apartment. Then, I saw these brand new Ikea curtains at the thrift store! They turned out to be the perfect length and look great in my living room.

This Spanish flamenco/festival poster with frame took me for $8. It's now sitting on my mantle and I'm loving it. It's relevant to my life too, since I lived in southern Spain for 5 months where flamenco is super popular =)

I have a very cute art project in store for these round frames - stay tuned!

In the end, I always have to throw in a little something for the boyf. This budweiser goblet will go nicely in his collection =)

Lastly, I also found two of these small, clear pyrex bowls. They'll be great for serving when I make my chutneys and dips.

Here's the total:

Hope you've had some good finds recently as well!


  1. I love the tulip bowls...I have a harvest coloured collection of 5 or 6 of them...yellows, oranges, and greens...

  2. Hi,
    Found your blog via Thrift Collective on FB and I just read that you're going to use those round frames for a project. Does that mean that you won't need the prints inside? If not, I'd be interested in the one on the right. Possible trade? :)

  3. Shannon: ohh! that sounds pretty. I love tulip bowls too, but this is the first time I've found them in a set! I had one small, vintage, white one before but I broke it =(

    eclecticamiami: Just shot you an email =)

  4. Didn't get anything. Can you please send it to I have no idea which email address is connected to this acct :/


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