Back on the road again...

So we got a message on Thursday morning..."we think we may need your help." The boyf's parents are renovating a house in Philadelphia and working themselves to the bone trying to finish everything by Monday (which is not happening, by the way). So, we dropped everything and left Friday morning to make the 6 hour journey to Philadelphia to offer our young blood in the fine arts of home renovating.

Yes, we followed a thrift store truck for part of the way. Was it frustratingly tempting and teasingly tormenting? Maybe. Did we stop at any thrift stores? No. Because I have some self control people. My boyfriend's family needed me and I wasn't going to dilly dally around! Yeesh!

Did I mention that neither of us (my boyfriend or I) have much experience in the way of home renovation? Pfff...experience schmexperience. Today, I skillfully (yes, I received a couple of compliments) painted baseboard, installed window blinds, and began installing laminate flooring (which is turning out beautifully, I might add).

Tomorrow I have to caulk (whatever that is...) in the new bathroom and finish the flooring. I'll probably do some more painting too.

The house is turning out wonderfully and is very close to being done. I'll be sharing some pics of my handy work later! Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!

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