Jerry the pug (Travel day 11)

It's been a while since I've been able to post. My apologies! But, being at home with the family keeps me pretty busy...busy getting spoiled rotten.

Mostly I've been going on shopping sprees with my mom at the outlets and the mall (There are such great sales going on right now it seems!), eating my mom's fabulous cooking (I totally ate way too much today - there goes my diet...), and enjoying some good 'ole parental lovin'. Thus, I'm being spoiled rotten, still, at the ate of 24 (going on 25). But I'm totes loving it!

And the best part is I get to spend some Quality Time with him:

This is Jerry, our family dog. My brother and I brought him home when I was still in high school (with some aiding and abetting from our father) and thrust him into our mother's life (a former dog-o-phobic who now sees him as one of her children, the most spoiled of the lot I might add). He's now 8 years old and from time to time I can see his age catching up with him, which makes me extremely fearful. But, I shake that feeling off quickly and just dump a whole lot of loving on him (I mean how can I not? Look at that face!).

Sometimes I feel if Jerry could talk, he would mainly engage me in conversation about bread and what he could possibly do to acquire more of it (bread happens to be a four letter word in our house - it must be spelled out as to not let Jerry hear its name, or he will come running). Then we would talk about how I might be able to help in this acquisition of some kind, any kind (!) of food as well. The conversation would slowly progress into passionate arguments about the benefits of excessive amounts of sleep to animal-kind which would eventually lead into how sleeping in someone's lap has been proven to be significantly better for the psyche than sleeping anywhere else. Finally, I think he would conclude with a talk on how urinating in every possible location is important you can smell it later and remember you peed there.

I <3 you Jerry.

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