My Vintage Pyrex Collection

I started collecting pyrex early this year - probably around January - when I discovered three white milk glass butter dishes and one milk glass butter tub at a local thrift store. When I turned them over to look at the bottom, they all said Pyrex underneath. I was intrigued as I only knew Pyrex to make clear glass bakeware and the scientific glassware (yes...I'm a science geek) that I worked with both during and after college. So I brought these finds home and I did some research. That lead me to Pyrex Love where I discovered the plethora of vintage pyrex patterns that existed. Thus, my obsession with vintage pyrex began. Soon after, some how I stumbled upon the Pyrex Collective, and I became a member of the Pyrex Collective II where I first started my blogging escapades (I liked it so much that I decided to start my own blog!). Anyway, since then I've amassed a small collection of vintage pyrex that the boyf tolerates quite well (he grins and bears it ;) ).

From left in a clockwise direction: Opal White Snack Server, Opal White butter tub (inside the snack server), red Holiday Casserole 1961 promotion, Verde bowl (inside red casserole), Town and Country 1 qt dish (bottom), 2 of the 3 in the bake, serve, & store set of Butterfly Gold, Desert Dawn utility dish (yellow), Aqua Butterprint fridgies, Old Town Blue gravy boat, and Opal White butterdishes.

These are a few of my first pieces: Early American cinderella bowls.

Spring Blossom cinderella bowls.

Bottom: Pressed Flowers (Cradled Decorator Casserole) 1957 promotion, Top: Golden Casserole 1959 promotion.

Pyrex mugs! bottom: Woodland, middle: Old Town Blue, top: Spring Blossom

Pyrex measuring cups: From left: Post 1990s measuring cup - you can tell by the fact that the handle is no longer in a D shape. The rest of the measuring cups are all older - with D handles. My pyrex guide tells me the 3rd one from the left was introduced in 1941, but I don't know it the others are just as old. there are subtle differences. The last one on the extreme right may not be a pyrex measuring cup at all, it has no markings on the bottom except an engraved "mexico". Does anyone have any clue about that one?

So there you have it! That's my pyrex collection. Do you have any collections? What do you collect?


  1. Your story of the start of your pyrex collection, followed by extensive research on Pyrex Love, followed by the Collective then starting your own blog is EERILY similar to mine!!
    You have so many beautiful pieces collected already!!

  2. I know this is a long shot, but would you like to trade something for your red Christmas dish? :) I'm in VA. You can email me if you'd like (erinink at gmail dot com). Thanks!

    --Erin {}

  3. I love it! I just started collecting in June, and I can already tell what a crazy addiction this will become. :) Your collection is great!

  4. Alyssa: Haha! That's awesome. I also just checked out your blog - it looks great!

    Cara-Mia: Thanks! I'm loving your pieces as well!

  5. I am addicted to pyrex!!! I haven't found any at the thrifts lately though :(

  6. That is definitely how I got started too. Found one piece I liked, stumbled upon Pyrex Love, and it snowballed from there...

    Love that pressed flowers piece! So fabulously 50's!

    -Sarah Lillian @

  7. Shannon: I'm having a bit of a pyrex drought myself - I tend to find pyrex in cycles.

    Sarah Lillian: my pyrex story tends to be a common one! Great blog - turquoise is my favorite color as well!

  8. What a great collection. Now I want to start with vintage Pyrex :D I collect lots of things. Funny, because I just started a new "series" on my blog today, called Colorful Collections....Oh how I love stuff. My favorites to collect are vintage books.

  9. Rebecca: see my comment on your collections blog post!

  10. You have some great pieces - Pyrex collecting and reading about Pyrex is such fun!!


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