All That Glitters is Mostly Gold

I have a few silver, beaded, and other pieces as well =). But the point is, when we moved to a new apartment I had to find a different way to organize it all. My old jewelry box was becoming smaller and smaller over the years as I gained maturity and a lady's sense of style.... plus, it broke, womp womp. I wanted to find a way to organize everything so that some pieces didn't get lost in the pile and forgotten. Opportunity presented itself when we inherited my boyfriend's antique dresser that he grew up with and used as a child.

Isn't she a beauty? Anyway, I claimed the top two drawers and organized myself a little jewelry half-drawer. Using these images I found for inspiration (they have been pinned on my pinterest),
Top left: Vogue  Top right: Kelly Moore Creative Media  Bottom middle: Articlesbase

I concocted this:

I was lucky enough to find those little trays of cubes at a thrift store for about 50 cents each, so I grabbed them when I saw them. I lined them with some non adhesive shelf liner cut to size and then organized all my jewelry in them! It's working out great so far, I can see everything I own and I love to look at my pretty jewels =).

The only thing is, I hate the way my necklaces get all tangled when I store them together, so I'm thinking about a separate way to store those. Something like these from Urban Outfitters would be grand:

Left: Little Birch  Right: Modern Branch
And they would be even grander if I could figure out a way to make them myself. A DIY project perchance? Perhaps.

How do you store/organize your jewelry?


  1. What a great way to organize your jewelry...I need one of these. RIght now,most of my jewelry is in bags in my top drawer and I have to dig every time I want to wear something... :-/

  2. Wow you are so lucky to score that beautiful antique dresser! I love the way you've organised your treasures - you can see what you need at a glance. My jewellery is in a semi-chaotic controlled state - I use a cake stand (necklaces, a huge 1950s ash-tray (earrings), mirrored tray (hair flowers), ballerina jewellery box (rings) and crochet dress hanger (hooked earrings) and a huge open box (bangles). None of it matches but I like it that way:). I'm your newest follower:)

  3. Thanks PYSU! You have some great ideas for storing your jewelry and I'm sure it looks beautiful like that too. I'm a huge fan of not being matchy-matchy myself. And a super huge thanks for following! I appreciate it more than you know!


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