A DIY Wedding (Travel Day 15)

I'm finally back home after a 2 week vacation/visit with the family (both mine and the boyf's)! We got back on Sunday night, but, being back home means continuing our move to a new apartment....and to put it politely....moving sucks! To save some money we're using my little 4-door, 14 year old Honda Civic to move all our stuff, so as you can probably imagine, it's been taking a bit of time... But that's okay because we've got 'til the end of this month to finish, plus, we're only moving a block away =). I'll be super glad when the back and forth is over though, that's for sure.

Before coming back home, we attended a wedding this past Saturday. The boyf's cousin was getting married and we'd heard that she was doing it totally DIY and on a SERIOUS budget. So, being a budget conscious gal myself I was super interested to see what she, her fiance, and her family had planned!

It was quite a small wedding with no more than 50 people in attendance. It took place in the bride's mother's backyard which was beautifully kept with a pool and all! Some of the kids who brought their bathing suits jumped in during the reception.

The groom's father is a pastor so naturally, he officiated the evening ceremonies. Great way to save some cash! When it got dark, the lights and candles were lit for some romance.

The center pieces were simple with a mixed bouquet in jars. Some of the food was home made and some of it was catered. There was plenty of beer and wine on hand in coolers too. It was a great wedding, fun and casual which totally matched the personalities of the couple.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! As soon as we're finished moving, get ready for some budget decorating posts!


  1. Ooh I love the flower centerpieces. So summery. My wedding will be a much DIY as possible...and will also be on a SERIOUS budget ;) I can't wait!!!

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  3. DIY weddings are so much more personal and sweet, anyway!


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