About Me

The longest I've ever lived in one place in my quarter century of existence (at the time of creation of this blog) lasted 8 years, from age 4 through 12.  By the time I graduated from my "blissfully-unaware-of-my-dorkiness" years in high school, I had lived in four different cities across the world.  From the time I entered college, I found myself moving to a different apartment or city every year! I even lived in Spain for about 5 months during that time. Though my nomadic existence has been interesting and exciting, I am now very ready to settle down and find a permanent home. Luckily, I finally can!

As I start my brand new career path as a medical student this fall and I find a new apartment to live in (apartment hunting in progress now!), I hope that this blog will document this nomad's journey to finally settling down and making a home. Blogging about myself and my life is a very new experience for me. Generally, I'm a very private person so bare with me while I don't share too much of my own biographical information at first.  In any case, I hope to do much decorating, thrifting, crafting, cooking and living (ON A BUDGET) and share it all with you!