Quilt: 13 years in the making

I made this quilt top with my mom when I was about 12 years old. Yup, about 13 years ago! Then middle school came, and high school, then college and real life and my poor quilt top sat unfinished in my closet for years and years. Now, during my "reawakening" I have decided to finally finish the darn thing! Yesterday, I basted my layers together and started hand quilting.

I'm hand quilting (in-the-ditch) because I don't have a sewing machine equipped to do any quilting (I'll share pictures of my sewing machine made for babies later) and I'm not using a hoop or a floor frame or anything either. It's a quilt that's going to be hand made and really look it =). I basted in a radiating pattern but after I finished I thought I should have basted along the seams...I'm not sure.

Any pro quilters feel free to give me advice, goodness knows I need it. This is the first quilt I've ever made and I'm a complete novice. Help?!


  1. Are you kidding me?? That looks awesome! I'm hoping to start quilting soon, so alas- I have no advice. I would just complete it, and if it was a little messed up have it be my 'first quilt' and use it for reference! good luck!

    (Really, it looks awesome!)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! And G/L to you on your quilting endeavors as well!

  3. It's beautiful! Quilting is addictive, just to warn you. ;)

    They make these cool little basting pins now, so you don't have to hand baste with thread (unless you want to). They're like a small safety pin with a little bend in the middle. Also, there's basting spray, but I just use good old Rave aerosol hairspray.

    Have fun quilting!

  4. Thanks P! I read somewhere that if you're hand quilting like me then you should thread baste. But if you're machine quilting then pin basting is best. So, that's why I thread basted - but maybe it doesn't matter!

  5. I've been quilting for 14 years and my frist quilt Did! Not! look nearly that good! Your basting is fine, you started from the center which is great. Since you are doing in the ditch quilting, it's better that you basted not there, you won't run over yourself as much. Have fun with it, you're doing great!


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