Thrifty Thursday - 1st edition!

I started thrifting when I graduated from college. With student loans to pay, a measly lab technician salary, and the expensive cost of living in NYC, I had to start counting my pennies. Now that I'm a student again, life is no different! So, I continue to thrift and I've even been thrifting more, now that I don't have much income.

Today I hit up a local thrift store on the way back from my favorite farmer's market (where I got some delicious local dairy, eggs, and produce!). Here's what I found!

My mom really likes the vintage corning ware cornflower blue pattern of bake ware. She has a couple of pieces but when I saw this tray today I had to get it for her. Only $1.50!

Every time I go to the thrift store, I make a stop at the stuffed toys bin. Dog toys can be expensive so I buy a lot of my little Ginger's toys the thrifty way. Of course you have to make sure that there are no beaded eyes and other dangerous parts to the toy. Today, I found this blue little guy for 50 cents. She loves him. Look at the absolutely appropriate face he's making.

I also found these embroidery hoops

(ranging from 28 - 58 cents each) in hopes that I might pick up embroidery OR create some wall art (for my new apartment, eek!). I found some inspiration on the web.

Check it out:
Sunburst mirror from Danielle Oakley Interiors 
Floral bloom embroidery hoops from Lushlee
Left-over fabric scraps in hoops from Apartment Therapy
Embroidery hoops doily earring display from Apartment Therapy

This beer mug with a Sam Adams logo goes in our beer glass/mug collection (which I'll share later) and the frame is probably getting a make-over in either white or black. Cheap, good frames are hard to come by but this one was only 50 cents!

Last but certainly not least,  I found this piece of vintage jewelery. I have no idea how old it is, but I do believe the chain is gold plated. The pearls of course are fake. I can't wait to wear it!

Here's the grand total:


  1. Great finds! I used to thrift for almost everything during my student days. Now I thrift mostly for vintage books and Pyrex. Love the Corelle tray.

  2. Thanks! I think I'll be thrifting for most things as well these days!


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