Another hurdle crossed & balcony decor

We signed the lease to a new apartment today. YIPPEEE!!! Things are coming together and we are FINALLY settling down after years and years of moving around. We are absolutely in love with the new apartment, too, which makes everything all the more exciting. I can't wait to start decorating. The part of the apartment I'm most excited about is our balcony. Having an out door space is so invaluable, especially in the summertime when all I want to do is dine and lounge outside in the cool summer evenings. Though it's a relatively small balcony, I definitely want to make it a retreat, with comfortable outdoor furniture and lots of pretty plants to look at. I'm thinking cozy outdoor enclave a la these pics from Lonny Magazine but on a much smaller scale:

 Images from Lonny Mag

It may be a bit ambitious given my time and budget, but hopefully it'll work out! Balconies can be pretty too! Move-in date is 7/1, so I'll keep you all updated on our progress. What do you think??

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