Thrifty Thursday - Thrift AND Retail!

I think the boyf has banned me from thrift store shopping (or just shopping in general) for a while *sad face*.  I still managed to sneak a few things under his nose this week though!

The Beck's beer stein wasn't too difficult to get by him and he received it happily for his collection ;) He's a big beer guy. It was not a bribe....I swear! This is not the Beck's logo of today, so I'm thinking it may be vintage.

The opal white loaf pan will be added to my vintage pyrex collection (which I hope to share in it's awesomely vintage-y goodness soon). It had been a while since I found any pyrex and I was definitely hoping for a loaf pan so, dreams do come true, people.

Lastly, I found the oval mirror at the local SA, a store which I find to be rather more expensive than it should be. I wouldn't normally pay that much for most things at a thrift store (unless it's the right piece of pyrex), but I couldn't get away from the thought that it would look so great in my new apartment! I'm nesting, leave me alone =)

I should tell you, my bargain hunting is not limited to thrift stores. I do tend to expand my thrifty motivation to the retail store arena as well. I don't like to buy anything that's not discounted in some way and if I's probably a special occasion. Here's a couple things I got a great deal for at some retail stores.

I needed some nice lamp shades to go with a few lamps that I have, but I was getting very frustrated finding anything good looking that fit my budget and my lamps. I was looking to spend less than $10 on each shade but it seemed like they didn't exist (if you've ever shopped for lamp shades you know what I'm talking about)! I even considered making my own (which would've been the wrong decision, trust me). When I was about ready to give up, I decided to stop in at Tuesday Morning (have you been?), a discount home store I had never been to but had heard about from a couple people. And lo and behold, I found nice shades for cheap that were the right size to boot! Two were on sale for $7 each and one was $9.99! Ahh! *happy sigh*

I found the trowel for a dollar at Michael's, and with a 20% off coupon, I got it for $0.80. I had been looking for a trowel for a while for gardening but again, I didn't feel like paying 5 bucks. Has my bargain hunting gotten out of hand?

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  1. That's a great mirror, it looks like it's in great condition! Sometimes you gotta scoop it up even if it's a bit more than you wanted to pay right?


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