Thrifty Thursday!

Lately, I've been going through the thrift stores, keeping my eye out for items to go in my new apartment. Yesterday, I found these:

I found this cool looking lamp. I love the base, but the shade...not so much. I think I'll either buy a new one or recover this one. I might even stain the bottom wood stand a darker color. What do you think?

I also found these pieces of embroidered artwork. I just kind of giggled when I saw them because I thought they were so cute. Maybe with some reframing, they will be showcased better. I'm sure I'll find a great home for them in the apartment.

This lamp, I picked up kind of absentmindedly, I was on the phone with my dad at the time, I noticed the interesting green glass part and the price, which was $2 and I was sold. When I brought it home, I got a sideways look by the boyf, so now I'm not too sure if it's going to work out. I thought maybe I would spray paint the ugly brass white and see if that works. Do you have any suggestions?

Here's the total!


  1. I love both lamps - you have a good eye. For the blue lamp I think either white or silver spray paint will do the trick. Maybe also do something with the wood base on the white lamp???

  2. The needlepoint is lovely but pardon me while I FREAK for that white lamp! I've been on the hunt for lamps and I'm having zero luck. You have me experiencing a serious case of envy right now.

  3. Thanks! I did get lucky with that lamp, especially since when I turned it on, I realized that in addition to the regular bulb, there was a tiny little bulb inside the white base, so the light shines through the lattice work and looks super pretty!


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