DIY Lamp Shade Re-cover

I guess I had a busy weekend! I completed a couple of DIY projects (see sunburst mirror DIY below) in addition to a bit of packing in preparation for the big move! One of the DIY projects was this lamp shade recover:

I bought some cotton fabric from Joann's (40%  off coupon in-hand! I know... I'm so frugal), and with a bit of tracing, cutting, spray adhesive, pulling and smoothing, some vintage bias tape I had lying around (from the thrift store), and hot glue I revamped an old and gross lamp shade for pretty cheap! It needs a good steaming to smooth out the wrinkles still (even though I did iron it before hand) and I plan to paint the wooden base white.

What do you think? My first lamp shade recover ever!

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  1. Awesome Idea! I am going to do this! I bought a wicked vintage lamp and the shade is ugly (and not the original I'm sure) Thanks for the tip!


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