First day of the rest of my life

First day of med school today. It was pretty boring....learning about loan disbursement and repayment, where to park, getting IDs, etc.

Thinking about starting an etsy shop because I'm having a bit of a surplus in thrifted items/pyrex.

Pretty tired right now....can you tell? I'm still planning on doing a tutorial on how to make some thrifty artwork. Stay tuned! It's coming, I promise =)


  1. Etsy is awesome but I've had much better luck with vintage stuff on eBay. It makes me sad. I want Etsy to work out for me so bad! It's such an awesome platform. Just sharing my two cents whether you wanted it or not :)

    Good luck with med school!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I will def consider ebay.


I always appreciate your comments!