It's Saturday

and I'm still tired. Yesterday I took the hippocratic oath and received my white coat. I nearly lost it on stage and started tearing but I got a hold of myself. It's been a long journey 'til this point and I guess it's overwhelming that I'm finally here. Most of my class is straight out of undergrad - maybe they lost the sense of accomplishment and significance of the moment. But it was definitely not lost on me. I'm three years out and it took me 2 attempts to get into medical school. I entered the workforce for a couple of years and even got a Master's degree on the way. Boy do I understand the privileged position I'm in. My parents came down for the ceremony and I was glad to share it with them and the boyf. It feels like my life is finally beginning!

I missed a thrifty Thursday edition this past apologies! But, medical school kind of took over. I did go thrifting today but sadly, I found nothing. I went to a couple new stores but it seemed like everything was way over-priced. Sometimes I want to go up to management and say, "Do you realize you run a thrift store and not a designer boutique?" I mean where do some of these prices come from? I should have taken a couple of pictures but I definitely was not expecting a beat up side table to cost me $100. Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe the situation.

In better news, I was finally able to set up my new little craft nook. I had bought a table from Ikea up near my parents' house. But when it came time to come back here, it wouldn't fit in the car with all my other luggage! So, when my parents came down for the ceremony, they graciously brought it with them for me. I'll share a pic of what it looks like tomorrow when I have some natural light to take good photos. Hope everyone's relaxing during this weekend!



  1. Yes, I guess with the economy so bad, the demand for thrift store items has risen, and so has the price! I can hardly stand to go into a Goodwill anymore -- some of them are priced just shy of new retail. I do better at some of the smaller hole-in-the-wall thrift stores myself.

  2. Yup, I'm definitely sticking to my smaller, local thrift stores!


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