Thrifty Thursday on Friday

Yes, I'm still alive!

We just got back home from:

1. Renovating a house with the boyf's parents
2. Visiting my parents
3. Having a reunion at the beach with some college friends!

We had a great time but I'm ready to stop hopping around the east coast. Plus, school starts Monday....dun dun dun! First day of the first year of medical school! Am I excited? Mmmm....kind of. I'm excited to begin the first steps in my career as a doctor but I'm not excited to start cramming a mountain of information into my tiny wittle brain...

Anyway, on our way home from....everywhere, I totally made a few stops and collected some thrifty items! Take a look see:

I found this hounds-tooth fabric and thought it'd make some fabulous, modern throw pillows for the living room couch. 

I was collecting these pots for three succulent plants I got from Ikea. As you can see one of them (on the right) died a little while we were away. Yes, I killed a succulent - the hardest plants to kill =(.

I thought this table cloth was pretty. I wanted to use it outdoors on our new balcony (which I'll share later) but it might have to stay indoors.

Last, I saw this tray and I couldn't look away. It has no markings and I have no idea what it is...anyone is welcome to let me know. But the colors are awesome.

Here's the grand total:


  1. That tray is gorgeous! Will you use it or put it on the wall?

  2. Thank you! I was considering putting it on the wall...I'm not a big tray user so maybe it'll just have to become art =)

  3. that (really lovely) tray has a double happiness design on it. it's a lucky symbol in chinese, usually used at the new year and weddings. hope that helps!
    a rather late response though, so I don't know if you'll ever read this.

  4. pi, thanks for the clarification! I FINALLY know what it is now - sweet!


I always appreciate your comments!