Thrifty Thursday - From the road!

We have left Philadelphia! The renovation went well, it's not yet completely finished, but, I did finish my job at least! The floors we put in look great. I know I said I'd take pictures of my work but it completely slipped my mind while we worked morning til night. I mean, even my fingers were sore by the end of it!

Anyway, right before we left in a rush last week to help out with the boyf's parents' renovation project I made sure to take some pictures of the thrifty finds that I found last week!

Here they are:

This mirrored tray for my bathroom to put my lotion, toothpaste, etc on. I now have two - they are so handy and beautiful at the same time!

I thought that my new collection of succulents would look grand in this pot I found:

I found this eclectic collection of candlesticks to decorate my mantle. I love that they are not super matchy.

These two pieces of vintage pyrex are my faaaavorite finds of the week. One butterprint and one yellow cinderella bowl that I believe belongs in the yellow daisy cinderella set.

This last find I had been searching for, for the new apartment. I needed a coffee table and I finally found the perfect thing (sorry for the blurry pic)! This vintage wooden table has definitely seen better days. I think it was probably used in somebody's art studio or something of that nature as there are a bunch of paint and glue stains. It doesn't look half bad though and kind of gives it a lot of character. Even so, I might sand it down and refinish it. What do you think?

Here's the total:


  1. I love that coffee table! and the pyrex of course!!! Great scores!!!

  2. Love these purchases! I still need a coffee table. *sigh*

  3. Thanks Cara-Mia! You'll find a coffee table - patience is key!


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