Hurricane Irene aftermath

Well I'm back in town, Irene is gone, and school is on! In case you were curious, the following pictures describe what Irene left around my neighborhood. It got much worse than this around other parts of town so I consider myself pretty lucky. I never lost power or water and though cable tv/internet was gone for a night I have it back today.

This fish got left behind after the flooding receded.
Concrete steps got knocked around by the flooding and wind.

I hope others who were affected by the storm are safe and sound and don't have to deal with too much damage!


  1. Wow, it is amazing that wind and rain can do so much damage! That poor little fish never knew what was coming :)

  2. I agree! But, the fish probably had it coming. ;)

  3. i live in the desert and can not fathom that wind and rain can do some much damage. i agree..poor little fish :(


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