School is kicking into high gear

and I'm afraid I won't have time to do....ANYTHING! I don't want to have that approach though. I'm a bit more mature age-wise than at least half the students and I don't want to fall into the old undergraduate pattern of studying and going to class that so many people do (which is: study all day and night, maybe go to class, get very little sleep and then do the same the next day until the weekend when steam is blown off by getting trashed at a bar).  I need to have some semblance of a life outside school. Something to do besides study and I'm going to try my darndest to do it. I mean, I have a boyf and little doggie (this sweet face was waiting for me when I got home)

to take care of and spend time with too. Some (or many...ok, most) medical schools will make it hard for you to do this. However, I think it's important to realize, it's not about the grades. It's about what you learn. In medical school you study for your patient, not your next test. I will not embrace gunner status. I will do the best I can with the resources and time I have and still maintain my relationships and my sanity (and this can apply to anyone who feels busy/overwhelmed/everyone!).

There are med students in my class who are married and have kids, too. More power to them. It's gonna be rough but if they can get through it and still make time for their kids, I can get through it too.

My pretty flowers need my time too! (this sunflower just bloomed - after FOREVER)

(sorry for the grainy pics - I lost my camera battery charger and my phone camera sucks!)


  1. Good luck with school! I know you'll find some way to juggle it all. It just takes a bit of work. Such a cute dog, by the way. :)


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