Saturday Morning Breakfast and my Diet

I always make my Saturday morning breakfasts a bit special since during the week I only get to have cereal. This is what I had yesterday:

I am also currently on a diet. Ive been using this website called available through my local gym (the YMCA) to keep track of my my exercise regimen and my food! If you have this available at your gym, you should definitely do it (you can check if you do here)! It counts my calories for me and depending on the amount of exercise I've done (or not) that day, gives me the total number of calories I should eat to still keep track of my goal of losing 1lb a week. It also keeps track of my nutrition and tells me if I've had too much cholesterol and not enough protein, etc. My total goal is to lose 8lbs but I'm more concerned with toning my body to the point that I'm satisfied than the number of pounds I lose. 

Yesterday, I worked out for an hour at the gym so I had 1400 calories to spend (today, since I didn't go to the gym, I have 1175 calories to spend). So, this is what I had for breakfast on Saturday!

Breakfast (approximations):
One scrambled egg with onions: 100 cal
One 8 grain tortilla heated: 100 cal
A few sauteed potatoes w/cumin seeds, red chilli powder, salt and pepper (DELICIOUS btw): 100 cal
1 cup of skim milk: 90 cal
1 banana: 100 cal

TOTAL: 490 calories

That was about a third of my daily allowance, so I still had 2 meals to go! Also, they say breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day, then lunch, and finally dinner should be the lightest. Counting calories can be a bit difficult to keep up and it requires discipline but it keeps me from overeating (which I do a lot) and even eating for no reason or out of boredom (which I also do a lot).

What do you guys do to keep fit and healthy?

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