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Since this past year I have taken a keen interest in buying nail polish and painting my nails. Two years ago, I didn't care about my nails and I didn't really own very many bottles of nail polish. I had gotten a $7 manicure in Manhattan a couple of times when I lived there but other than that I don't think I felt like I had the time! However, last year, during my difficult and at times miserable year in grad school when all I did was study, I felt like I needed a little pampering. So, I started painting my nails! It was a great way to chill out and make myself feel polished and pretty at the same time. I couldn't afford to go get a manicure regularly so I did it myself at home. This is my current nail polish collection to date:

As you can see, most of my collection is made up of the NYC brand. This is probably the cheapest nail polish out there and for me it works quite well. You can get them for under $1 at Target most of the time. For a girl like me, who's on a budget, they are perfect and a lot of the brighter colors are quite trendy right now too.  The Revlon nail polish on the far left is probably my most expensive (around $4) and my momma bought that one for me =).

This is the color I'm wearing today, NYC's Times Square Tangerine Creme. It's a bright reddish orange:

It's really fun and summery and totally trendy right now. Seeing how summer is officially over after this weekend, I decided to wear this color to prolong it as long as possible!!

What's your favorite brand of nail polish? What's your favorite color?

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